Trees 2 Toys

Made by Peter Steady

Providing Services April 2020,
in Upper Florida ~ East to West areas

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Shaving Horse Man with Shaving Horse

I have been walking in the woods and picking up pieces of trees

to shape into something unique and magical, for many years.

Amazing what can be done with a shaving horse and draw knife.

Or the fun of splitting shingles with a froe, or a simple carving with a jack knife

I prefer making wooden toys

but also enjoy toys crafted from any natural material

I also enjoy making wooden storage boxes

No hand crafted toy deserves to be stored in a plastic container

Not that I am a fan of man made materials , but recently I made some boxes, that could also be shelves,

using 1/4" OSB framed with a 2"X4" ripped into 3rds for a frame

The materials are fastened with drywall screws and Titebond III, water proof glue

Actually the screws (hard to see in the pictures) were used in the place of clamps, simply because that is what I had.

They could be removed once the glue sets and the holes filled, or brads could be used in place of the screws

Box End Box End Box Pieces

And the finished product is light, rugged, and stackable

I am offering boxes of any size. Made from any wooden material. With or without a cover. With or without a handle

If a cover is preferred it can be hinged, or just a simple top for stacking.

These boxes can be stacked any way and will not crush or collapse, with or without covers

Box End Box End Box End

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